Friday, November 4, 2011

Wonderful Cause

While on etsy today, I came across a post on one of my teams that filled my eyes a little with tears. From what I understand, a shop is teaming up with a local rugby team to whose member was diagnosed with breast cancer. Here is what the shop owner she says:

".Scylla 4 Sara Fundraiser - Multi-Card PacksFrom EngineeringElegance

The Milwaukee Scylla Women’s Rugby Football Club has teamed with Engineering Elegance to raise funds for one of their own.

At just 33 years old, one of the Milwaukee Scylla rugby players, Sara, was diagnosed with Stage 2A Breast Cancer. She has a long battle ahead of her with surgeries and chemotherapy. Sara is a courageous, strong and determined young woman who is ready to take on the battle, just as she does on the rugby field.

All proceeds from these 5-card packs will be donated to offset Sara’s medical expenses and needs."
Scylla 4 Sara Fundraiser - Multi-Card Packs by EngineeringElegance
It jsut warms my heart that people would go to such extents to help someone out that is in for such a battle. I am hoping to do my part and have some people head over to the shop to buy the 5-card packs to help with this great cause. Even if we can bring just one or two people over there to purchase it, I know it would help. Every little bit counts! Every small $10 will lift a little more of the burden off of this brave woman's shoulders. Please help!!

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