Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Lately I have been at a crafting stand still. I'm just starting back into school, just got back from a trip to Canada with my kids, in the middle of rearranging storage closets to try and get Christmas Decorations and snow gear out - its been hectic! I always feel at such a creative loss when I can't sit down and craft!

I'm really not the "every single day, sit down and craft" type. I know women like that, who make something new everyday, and I honestly idolize them! Haha! People like the girl from Naptime Journal. Oh my goodness How does she do it?! She is fantastic! I feel crafty just for looking at her blog!!
Or the Crafty Cupboard! Sometimes I just want to move back to Arizona to be her friend, and sneak peaks at the stuff she's doing (Then steal her ideas haha!).

However, I have to be honest - I'm a student again, I'm a full time mother, my husband is a student for part of the year plus he works. Sometimes, I need to give myself a break. If you are like me, please dont be so hard on yourself! Its hard work being a mom! And if you are trying to teach yourself to sew (like I am - I know straight lines haha!), or teaching yourself new jewelry making techniques (again like me), trying to go through the FLYlady program (more details on that in another post), or whatever your current situation where you are running around like a chicken with its head cut off, go easy on yourself!! Its something I need to learn as well! Sometimes being crafty means simply going on one of these many wonderful blogs and getting ideas for your next project. Sometimes it means just coloring with your 2 year old. Smile! Keep calm and get your crafty on!

Be Unique! Be Yourself! Be Beautiful you!

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