Monday, October 19, 2009

Good Ideas

Here are some ideas of what I can make for you or your loved ones. Remember also I can usually duplicate anything beaded, so if you have a favorite necklace that you want in another color, I can make it!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


So here is my new flyer for everyone to see. It was designed graciously by my close Friend Kim Loewen (talented isnt she!!). Anyways, send it to your friends, co-workers, family etc to give them an idea for Christmas!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Recent pieces!

New update!

For those of you who know, and those of you who dont.. I make fabulous beaded jewelry. I have been selling it for a few years now, to family and friends when they need it or like something.

As many of you may know, we are moving back up to Rexburg Idaho in December. I did some figuring and our move up to rexburg is (of course) going to take some money. ANYHOO to the point.

I need to sell at least 25 + sets of jewelry over the next 3 months to pay for our move, However, I need as much help as I can get! Which means I need some verbal advertising done in the various cities and states you all live in. I'm going to be making some fliers this week that you (and those in other states like Idaho, Washington, New York and other places Josh and I have family/friends) can hand out to people, stick up on church bullitan boards (or discreetly announce in relief society ) Could you do some major promoting and "making-me-look-good" type of stuff and when i get my fliers done, I'll send them to those who would like them to have some on hand so when people say "I have no idea what to get so and so for christmas", you can whip it out and say "GET THEM THIS!"

Anyways, this would help a bunch!

So here are some recent pieces which I am so proud of myself for!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mother's Day Sale

Hello everyone! Can you believe that mother's day is just around the corner? It's so strange how fast the year has gone by so far!
I just wanted to remind everyone but my handmade custom jewelry makes a GREAT mother's day present! Its custom, which means it is made solely for that special mother/wife/daughter/girlfriend that you have in mind; its handmade so you know that there was great time and care put into every piece; its a great price; and honestly what woman doesn't love jewelry?!
One thing that i wanted to share as well, are the great matching pieces I have for mothers and daughters. My daughter was recently given her baby blessing in church and I made her a bracelet to match the necklace I had! It was darling (pictures on the group page)! So dad's, this would be a DARLING idea for those new mothers!
Also, I am offering 20% off of all mother's day orders! YAY SAVINGS! Its definitely a bargain!
Order now, so that I have plenty of time to make it, and ship it off to you in time for mother's day!
Love you all! And thanks for your continuing support!


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Some More


In general, My prices are as follows:

One strand $7.50
Two Strand $8.00
Four Stand $10.00
Five Strand or More $12.00

Range from $7.50 to $12
(Depending on level of difficulty and how long it takes to make)

$5 Per Set

Range from $12-$25 (Depending on the design of the set, etc)

(Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change based on difficulty, amount of time it takes to make, and to accommodate for shipping costs)

Some Older Pieces

These pieces were done a while ago, but are still part of my design inventory!


Introducing the Urban Jewelry Spot!

I offer beautiful jewelry, custom and handmade. Jewelry-making is a great passion of mine that I have decided to put to use to help support my ever growing family. I am able to duplicate almost any piece of beaded jewelry, and can make orders as custom as you want! All pieces/designs shown on this site can be done in any color you want.

Please don't hesitate with questions, special orders or requests. Comments are also very much appreciated!

All business will either be conducted through cash in person (or by mail for friends and family) or through paypal.

Look around, place an order, and remember to tell your friends!