Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Today I'm going to do little featurette, if you will indulge me. I don't want to just talk about what I'M doing, but what about those who inspire me are doing. So, with that in mind, here is someone who inspires me.

Meet Brittney

This amazing woman is a single mom of 3 amazing kids. She is so strong and always so upbeat and positive and so sweet. Her kids are amazing! They are so kind and sweet. We used to live a couple doors down from them, and miss them terribly now that they are 10 hours away! She started knitting to help cool off during the day. She now has a little Etsy Shop called

And honestly, how talented is she?! These are so adorable! She makes the cutest (and funniest) things (I mean you should see her kids.. she REALLY makes the cutest things hehe)!

Silly little monkey!
This one is my favorite
This one is my husband's favorite (of course)
You can order all of these awesome headbands/hats in any color you want (or for the more specialized ones like the monkey, you choose the size).

Anyway, make sure you go show her some love over on her Etsy page. You can ask for custom orders too!!

Shes awesome. How can you not be inspired by her?!

And don't forget to enter our giveaway of a beaded scarf HERE.

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  1. lovely to meet them all, Thank you for joining the fun ans sharing your sweet blog at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop ♥

  2. So cute...thanks for introducing them on the Thursday Blog Hop!

  3. We LOVE these! Thanks for linking up at Moonlight & Mason Jars Linky! Xo

  4. love it I'm always wearing some kind of head band now definitely visiting. Have a great day and thanks for sharing