Monday, March 19, 2012

Auction on Tophatter!

So I recently found this great live auction site called Tophatter. Its fantastic. A couple times every day they have auctions for crafting things - Jewelry, clothes, home supplies, beauty supplies, also crafting supplies! Its fantastic! And its live auction so you bid then and there and win within a minute or two! No waiting around for hours to see if you've won!
Anyway, yesterday I sold my first piece of jewelry on it! I was thrilled! It was so exciting to see people actually bidding and commenting live on something I made! So fun!
I have another piece of jewelry coming up on March 23! Click here to see it (and others)! Its the Ocean sensory bracelet! You can also see it on etsy here! Its starting bid is at $6 and its retailed at over $25! So definitely go have a look! Plus Through Tophatter, I offer free shipping! Hurrah! So fun!
Anyway, if you are looking for a way to sell jewelry or are looking for a place to buy handmade jewelry at a fantastic price, definitely check out Tophatter! Its soooo worth it.

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